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June 2005
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Studies in Irish, British and Australian relations, 1916-63: trade, diplomacy and politics

John B. O'Brien (Anne E. O'Brien EDITOR)

With an introduction by David Fitzpatrick

This collection of essays brings together the work of the historian John B. O'Brien who paved the way in the study of economic history and its effects on diplomacy. Drawing novel links between three disparate countries - Ireland, Britain and Australia - he shows the importance of economic affairs in the determination of diplomatic relationships between these countries and, in particular, examines the constant manoeuvring of Ireland and Australia under the Commonwealth structure.

By considering pivotal moments, such as Ireland's departure from the Commonwealth and Britain's decision to join the EEC, O'Brien graphically illustrates the intricacies of international politics and their relationship with the vagaries of trade and diplomacy. Such historical research gives a crucial wider context to Ireland's diplomatic affairs during the 1930s, 40s and 50s, and sheds light on Britain's relationship with her dominions. Before his death, the author had been preparing this research for publication.

1. The Irish in Australia, 1945-1968
2. The Irish revolutionary movement and W.M. Hughes, 1916-1922
3. The Australianization of the Australian Catholic Church: Panico - culprit or victim?
4. The British government and Archbishop Daniel Mannix
5. The Empire at work: Australia, Britain and Ireland at the Ottawa Conference
6. Conditional loyalties: Australia, Ireland and the decline of the Dominion Office
7. Ireland's departure from the British Commonwealth
8. Empire v. national interests in Australian-British relations during the 1930s
9. The Australian Department of Trade and the EEC, 1956-1963
10. The British Commonwealth and the EEC, 1960-1961

John B. O'Brien lectured in history in Adelaide and La Trobe Universities (1964-70) and in UCC (1970-99). Anne O'Brien, the author's daughter, lectures in the Italian department of NUI, Galway.

168pp June 2005