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April 2005
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Robin Hood: medieval and post-medieval

Helen Philips, EDITOR

This collection of essays on the Robin Hood tradition explores both its medieval contexts and the evolution of the legend after the medieval period. They deal with Robin Hood in literature and drama, with local traditions, monuments and forgeries, with folkloric connections, and with the changing perspectives of antiquarian and modern studies of the Robin Hood material.

Helen Phillips (Cardiff University) Studying Robin Hood
Douglas Gray,(Emeritus Professor, Oxford University) Everybody's Robin Hood
Derek Pearsall (Honorary Professor, University of York)Little John and the ballad of Robin Hood and the Monk
Richard Firth Green(Ohio State University) The hermit and the outlaw: new evidence for Robin Hood's death?
Roy Pearcy (University of Oklahoma) The literary Robin Hood: character and function in Fitts 1, 2, and 4 of the Gest of Robin Hood
Thomas H. Ohlgren (Purdue University) Merchant adventure in Robin Hood and the Potter
Timothy S. Jones (Augustana College) Tristan, Malory, and the outlaw-knight
David Hepworth (Independent Scholar) A grave tale
Liz Oakley-Brown (Canterbury College) Framing Robin Hood: temporality and textuality in Anthony Munday's Robin Hood plays
Stephen Knight (Cardiff University) Meere English flocks: Ben Jonson's The Sad Shepherd and the Robin Hood tradition
Linda Troost (Washington and Jefferson University) The noble peasant Helen Phillips (Cardiff University) Robin Hood, the priories of Kirkless and Charlotte Bronté
Lois Potter (University of Delaware) Robin Hood and the fairies: Alfred Noyes' Sherwood
Michael Evans (Christ Church College) Robin Hood in the landscape

Helen Phillips is senior lecturer in English literature at Cardiff U.

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