Four Courts Press 
New Catalogue
May 2005
45/40/$45 hbk

The progress of music in Ireland

Harry White

This book collects a number of essays on the relationship between music, cultural history and musicology in Ireland which, taken together, comprise a natural progression from the author's widely acclaimed monograph, The Keeper's Recital (1998).

The progress of music in Ireland contains essays on contemporary music and musical infrastructures in Ireland; on Irish musical nationalism in the context of German and Czech traditions; on the presence of music in the work of Brian Friel and Samuel Beckett; on Joyce and music; on university education and Irish musical education; on the discourse of musicology in Ireland; and on the work of Brian Boydell and Aloys Fleischmann as pioneers in Irish musical scholarship.

Harry White is professor of music at UCD, general editor of Irish Musical Studies and President of the Society for Musicology in Ireland.

208pp May 2005