Four Courts Press 
New Catalogue
March 2005

Map of Monastic Ireland to c.1600

R. Neville Hadcock

With a 32pp booklet containing an introductory essay and an index to the map. The scale of this map is 1:625.00. The map bears the National Grid, not merely to provide a means of referring to the index, but to facilitate cross-reference to other maps of the Ordnance Survey.

The map gives provincial and diocesan boundaries and identifies sees of dioceses (including earlier and temporary sees). Places with 'remains of interest' are distinguished from those having 'scanty or no remains'. Sites not named are numbered by counties and for these a key is provided in the index.

Early Celtic establishments are distinguished from monasteries of specific medieval orders - (1) monks, (2) canons regular, (3) mendicant friars and (4) convents of nuns (the last-mentioned not being distinguished by order). Moreover, monastic houses are further distinguished to show houses which existed until the 16th century, houses dissolved or moved elsewhere before 1500, and houses established after 1540. Two sizes used for the main symbols are intended to show the supposed relative importance of a house.

For distribution purposes only the last 100 copies of this map published by the Ordnance Survey have been assigned a Four Courts Press ISBN and are now offered for sale.

R. N. Hadcock was the author of numerous books including Medieval religious houses: Ireland (Irish Academic Press, 1988).

March 2005