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May 2005
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Macmillan, Eisenhower and the Cold War

Richard Aldous

When Harold Macmillan became prime minister in 1957 he promised to restore Britain's pride after the humiliations of the Suez crisis. 'The British people', he declared, 'would never accept the position of a second rate power.' No one seemed better equipped for the task. The first prime minister to master the sound bites and photo opportunities of the television age, Macmillan had a penchant for the dramatic and flamboyant. During the Second World War, he had been dazzled by the summits between Churchill and Roosevelt - 'the emperor of the east and the emperor of the west'. Macmillan now set out to follow in their footsteps as a latter-day emperor. This important book follows Macmillan on his Churchillian quest, from the theatrical 'voyage of discovery' to Moscow, via the U2 crisis, to the acrimony of the 1960 Paris summit.

Richard Aldous is a lecturer in history at UCD and the author of an acclaimed biography of Malcolm Sargent (2001), and an editor of Harold Macmillan and Britain's world role (1996), and Harold Macmillan: a political life (1999).

192pp May 2005