Four Courts Press 
New Catalogue
Autumn 2006

The world of the galloglass: war and society in the North Irish Sea region, 1150-1600

SEÁN DUFFY, editor

This volume contains the proceedings of a recent Edinburgh conference at which scholars discussed the intersection of Scottish and Irish politics and culture in the later Middle Ages. It was a world epitomized by the neglected figure of the galloglass and several of the papers explore the role of these West Highland dynasties and their rapid proliferation throughout Ireland from the late thirteenth century onwards, but the volume also examines the high politics of Scottish royal involvement in Ireland, and the common culture of Gaeldom, particularly as manifested in the corpus of surviving bardic verse.

Contributors include: Steve Boardman, David Caldwell, Alison Cathcart, Seán Duffy, David Edwards, Wilson McLeod, Kenneth Nicholls, Alasdair Ross, Katharine Simms, and Alex Woolf.

Seán Duffy is senior lecturer in medieval history at TCD, and co-director of its Centre for Irish-Scottish Studies. He is the author and editor of numerous books on Irish history.

240pp Autumn 2006