Four Courts Press 
New Catalogue
September 2005
9.95/9.95/$14.95 pbk

The MacGeough Bonds of The Argory: challenge and change on a small county Armagh estate, 1880-1930


This work traces the fortunes of the MacGeough Bonds, a minor gentry family of County Armagh, through the dramatic changes that occurred in rural Ireland over half a century from 1880. It investigates they ways in which they and neighbouring landlords were affected by the social and political challenges of the time. The study examines the way this particular family responded to these challenges, demonstrating why they and their property survived long after neighbouring big houses had fallen into ruin.

Olwen Purdue has recently completed a Masters' Degree at the Institute of Irish Studies, Queen's University, Belfast where she is now carrying out research for a Ph.D

64pp September 2005

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