Four Courts Press 
New Catalogue
December 2005
55/45/$65 hbk

The Irish novel in the nineteenth century: facts and fictions


Featuring twelve original essays by leading scholars in the fields of Irish literary and cultural studies, this book investigates how the 19th-century Irish novel was defined and understood in its own contemporary moment, and reconsiders current critical discourse surrounding 19th-century Irish fiction.


Ian Campbell Ross (TCD) Irish fiction before the Union
Joep Leerssen (U Amsterdam) Fiction, interest, and the public sphere
Claire Connolly (Cardiff U) Public and private meanings in Maria Edgeworth's Patronage
Emer Nolan (NUIM) Banim and the historical novel
Rolf Loeber & Magda Stouthamer-Loeber (U Pittsburgh) Irish women novelists in 19th-century England
Dominick Tracy (U California) Idyllic resistance in Griffin's The Collegians
Helen O'Connell (UCD) Fiction of improvement from Hannah More to William Carleton
Jason King (UCC) Emigration and the Irish novel
Norman Vance (U Sussex) Protestant form and Catholic fiction?
Margaret Kelleher (NUIM) The critical decline of the 19th-century novel
Kathleen Costello-Sullivan (Boston College) Realism and modernity in Hurrish and The Real Charlotte
Joe Cleary (NUIM) The 19th-century Irish novel: notes and speculations on literary historiography
David Lloyd (U Southern California) & Terry Eagleton (U Manchester) Afterwords

Jacqueline Belanger is a postdoctoral research associate at Cardiff University, Wales.

248pp December 2005