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October 2005
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History of the diocese of Clogher


This book comprises a series of essays that range across much of the diocese's history from St Molaisse up to the eve of the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland.

Charles Doherty (University College, Dublin) The earliest cult of Molaisse
Cormac Bourke (Ulster Museum, Belfast) Medieval ecclesiastical metalwork from the diocese of Clogher
Katherine Walsh (University of Innsbruck) finibus mundi: late medieval pilgrims to St Patrick's Purgatory, Lough Derg, and the European dimension of the diocese of Clogher
Brendan Smith (University of Bristol) The late medieval diocese of Clogher, c.1200-1480
Henry A. Jefferies (Visiting Fellow, UU) Papal letters and Irish clergy: Clogher before the reformation
Seosamh O Dufaigh (Bishop of Clogher) Two poems on Patrick's Purgatory
Henry A. Jefferies (Visiting Fellow, UU) The early penal days: Clogher under the administration of Hugh MacMahon (1701-1715)
Seosamh O Dufaigh Richard Owens, bishop of Clogher (1894-1909)
Seosamh O Dufaigh Social and political comment in the Lenten pastorals of Bishop Patrick McKenna (1916-22)
Eamon Phoenix (Stranmillis University College, Queen%E2%80%99s, Belfast) Partition, the Catholic Church and the diocese of Clogher, c.1912-28
Daithi O Corrin (NUI Cork) Semper fidelis: Eugene O'Callaghan, bishop of Clogher (1943-70)

Henry A. Jefferies is the author of Priests and prelates of Armagh in the age of reformations and Cork: historical perspectives. He is the senior editor of History of the diocese of Derry and Tyrone. He teaches history at Thornhill College, Derry.

288pp October 2005